About Southern Bell Pit Bull Rescue

Southern Belle Pit Bull Rescue was founded by two pit bull lovers who realized the great need for rescue, guidance and knowledge of the breed in the immediate local area.

Description: We strive to help lower the amount of pit bulls who are euthanized in our local shelters daily. We acheive this with great foster homes, volunteers and donors. We take pit bulls out of the shelter and into our homes. We get them vetted, show them love, teach them basic manners and find them forever homes. Each dog is temperment tested and held in foster care for at least one month to better ensure their stable personalities.

General Information: Every SBPBR adoptable will be up to date of vaccines, spayed or nuetered and microchipped before they can be adopted. They will go to inside homes only. The application process consists of: an application, referance checks, vet checks and a home visit. When the adoption has been approved our adoption fee is $200. If you have ANY questions you can reach our president via email, ajuneboykin@yahoo.com. Thank you for your interest in our beloved breed and trying to help our pit bull community!!

Mission: To save the lives of pit bulls in our communities. Help educate the public on the "real pit bull". Assist any pit bull owners with problems or questions in order to help keep pit bulls positive image and keep them out of the shelters. Overall decreasing the euthanasia rate of our beloved breed.

Amanda Boykin - President/ Founder

Lisa Tew - Vice President

Rebecca Nakutis - Foster/Volunteer Coordinator

Amy Woodworth- Events coordinator

Email:  ajuneboykin@yahoo.com

A Special Thanks
to those below who help us support our mission of saving Pit Bulls

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Picture Title Here The Positive Pit Bull is a 501(c)3 dedicated to repairing the reputation of the pit bull, rehabilitating ones who are in need and keeping as many as possible out of the shelters through education, positive training and socialization.

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Picture Title Here With every purchase, a percentage of the proceeds will go towards three local pit bull organizations, Carolina Care Bullies, The Positive Pit Bull, and Southern Belle Pit Bull Rescue.

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